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The Boyne Valley is a world heritage site; it goes through the Counties of Meath and LoutIreland’s Ancient East in the east of Ireland with the Boyne River flowing through it to reach the sea at Drogheda.

It is without doubt Ireland’s most important historic area with sites and monuments that date back over 5000 years.

The story of Ireland and the Irish people can be traced back in this valley from the first early settlers of the Neolithic people and their megalithic tombs to the Celts, their mythology and their Pagan believes.

The Hill of Tara and the Ancient Seat of the High Kings of Ireland, the Introduction of Christianity to Ireland and its early settlements.The Viking Raids and the Norman Conquest of Hugh De Lacy. The Battle of the Boyne in 1690 and the major Irish Rebellions of 1641 and 1798. These events have all left their unique stories and scars on this beautiful valley.

The guides are very friendly and full of local history and stories of both Dublin and Wicklow and will keep you informed on the way.


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